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Japanese Language & Culture Visit (JLCV)

JLCV visits are designed for middle and high school students taking Japanese language classes. 

We have three 50-minute presentations for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

for Beginning Learner
Let's visit our teacher in Japan! But wait, what is omiyage? Seiza? Toilet slippers? I've never heard of these! With our Customs presentation students will learn about different manners that must be observed when you are visiting someone's home in Japan. The presentation begins with a 30 minute discussion about different etiquette customs seen in Japan -- what to say when you enter and leave a house, what to do with your shoes, how to bow, how to sit, etc. Following the discussion will be a 30 minute role play, where students will break into groups of 3-6 people, depending on class size, and go visit their teacher's house to put what they've learned into practice.  Each of our volunteers will be pretending to be their Japanese teacher, and will invite them into their home for tea and conversation.



Teacher Preparation Sheet
for Intermediate Learner
From the big city shopping districts to small countryside shrines selling charms, there are so many places to buy things in Japan! This presentation sends students to 4 common places -- a convenience store, a bookstore, a post office, and a toy store -- and has them test their skills at searching for and buying items. After a 30 minute discussion about shopping and using money in Japan, along with a review of  practical language such, students will break into groups and be assigned a shopping mission for the day. Based on the content of their mission cards, they must figure out what they need to buy and where to buy it. Our volunteers will role play as shopkeepers who understand only Japanese, and will work to give students an experience of how it will actually be when they find themselves shopping in Japan.
for Advanced Learner
Invite your friends out to dinner! We're headed to レストラン おいしい to practice ordering at different restaurants in Japan. In the Restauarant presentation students will learn how to order at the restaurant, comment on their food, and how to ask for the bill. The presentation starts with a discussion about eating out in Japan, followed by learning the set phrases, then ordering at the restaurant, etc. Following the lecture and language review is the role play, where Japanese volunteers will act as the restaurant staff and take student's orders and bring them their food. If there's time, we switch and allow students a chance at being the waiter for their group! 
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